The World of E-Commerce

In recent years there have been many discussions on how and why the Internet will impact on commerce. It has been long suggested that the Internet will be the end of commerce, as we know it.

Will this happen? To understand what is happening, you first need to understand exactly what is it that has been developed.


The DNA of Communication

The best way to understand the merits of the information age is to understand the two distinct methods of information. This is best viewed as "bits & Atoms".

Lets talk about Atoms

In the information age, Atoms are physical items that allow us to communicate - they include items like newspapers, magazines and books. Because of the very nature of the physical aspect of atoms, people generally give instant faith to what they can see, feel and read.

In the digital world we have a completly different set of rules. The name we give to this environment is "bits". Bits cover everything that is electronic, instant and intangible, and includes items like the telephone, video, Internet and TV.

To date the most common way of communicating is via ATOMS…

…but the times they are a changing.

How will the Internet impact on the world of the Atoms?

Via Technology. Technology has already created the tools and infrastructure to offer all forms of commerce to be accessed via:

  • mobile phones
  • computers
  • Transfer TV's into internet access points.

The needs of the consumer are ever changing. As technology gives them more options, consumers become more demanding.

In Summary

In order to stay competative in todays marketplace, it is now vital to keep up with consumer demands for technology-driven services.


Total Convenience Shopping—TCS

The most important aspect of commerce during the last decade was the shift of consumer attitudes to trading days.

Gone are the 6 day week where commerce and consumerism meet. Now the focus has moved to what is known as TCP– Total Convenience Shopping. The ability to offer your goods 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Is this real or is it marketing hype?

TCP has been well established and accepted in the community for the past 10 years, with services from Banking to Food now trading 24hrs a day around the world.

The driving force behind this change in consumer expectations is improvements in technology. Examples of this can be found in the improvement in telephone technology. The introduction of the mobile phone has empowered the immediate access of people and services.



The process of TCS requires introduction without re-engineering on how you do business.

We call this Shopgineering - the ability to access the market place without the high associated cost.

Many consulting companies offer suggestions and strategies on how best to improve your business. And nearly all of them require YOU to change the way that YOU do business.

We have created a process that fully integrates e-commerce with what YOU are doing TODAY! Not only thay, but we can utilize the TOOLS that you already have at your disposal.

Maintaining Control

A business owner wants to maintain control in every aspect of their business. Our program allows you to take control in four critical areas:

  • Increasing Profit
  • Simplified Technology
  • Marketing that Works
  • Education that is ON-GOING and RESULTS driven.


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